Country house
Berlin and

harryclarkinterior was commissioned to redesign a listed country house being situated in the beautiful green belt which is extending from the centre of Berlin to Potsdam.

The idea was to create an elegant yet flexible interior, defining each room by its function, and nevertheless allows the furniture to be moved to other rooms without unsettling the entire design concept.

The specific challenge was the long but narrow rectangular architectural layout, one spacious room adding to the next and thus creating strong aspects of light and shadow.

Therefore, the property desired a sumptuous yet tranquil colour scheme with multiple nuances, avoiding pure whites, as they would add greyness to the rooms instead of defining them in their grandeur.


Different colours and specific nuances, sometimes contrasting, redefine the original architectural elements, creating a new spatial dimension, never abandoning the warmth and cosiness of the rooms.

Reupholstered furnitures and various table lamps with bespoke lampshades add classic style to the interior concept.


As not being situated in the centre of the house but offside the grand entrance hall, the magnificent staircase bore its own challenge. Thus:

  • A bespoke hand-printed wallpaper by the French manufactory Zuber emphasizes its beauty.
  • The wall colour, that the wall frieze is effectively framed with, was developed and specifically mixed by harry clark himself: adapting to the print of the scene and changing the light situation in within the staircase.
  • A very special British duck-egg-blue colour was chosen to highlight the beautiful handcrafted balustrades.


Plentiful colours and their subtle nuances in the right aspects create lively and elegant rooms, combining them to an overall harmonious and sophisticated interior concept.



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