Kitchens always have been the central place for living with its very own character and certainly an aesthetic and economic challenge in interior design.

Whether too small or too large, kitchens have to be intelligently designed to meet the needs and desires of their owners. They become the focal point of their living space and create a direct link to the overall interior design.


Why do kitchens have that appeal to guests to gather at parties and celebrations? No matter how small, it always can hold masses of people for witty and important social exchange.

Careful planning, thinking and discussing the various facts is of great significance, not only the choice of materials, lighting and colour design, but also considering the body sizes and heights of the owners.

How deep has a wall unit to be to give the user pleasant moving space, how wide the drawers, worktop space and cupboards to create ample storage space.


These project shown here are the 2022 results of careful planning and aesthetic considerations, ranging from liquid metal fronts to cubistic cupboards.


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