apartment in
Berlin-Bayrisches Viertel

An urgent request required an ad hoc colour concept for a spacious 220 sqm apartment located in the sought-after Bayrisches Viertel in Berlin. harryclarkinterior developed a colour and design scheme for the project that incorporated window dressing and research of furniture. All these features united the rooms into a homely context with elegance and style within a turbulent family life. Originally it was the new owners' plan to have everything painted white, more out of necessity, rather than personal belief.

This was quickly off the table in view of the floor plan and its difficult lighting conditions: an angular arrangement of corridors from which the various rooms are being entered. Due to the owners’ professions, it was important to enable home office work, family life and entertainment. A challenge was also the pretentiously but badly built bathrooms: A completely new character was achieved by using "Cole & Son" wallpaper and combine it with an extremely daring colour concept. Finally, a relaxed atmosphere and a new harmony was created that leaves enough room for personal decisions on further furnishings in the future.


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