This flat on the top floor of a listed modernist early 30s villa offers the best of inner city living. The district’s name “Tiergarten“ already suggests it: the proximity to Berlin’s central park’s serene nature and the busy urban 24/7-life in one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods.

The appartement’s exquisite colour scheme provides the perfect background to highlight the extravant design pieces of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

harry clark opened the classical modernist architecture even more in order to satisfy modern living requirements. This resulted in a far more generous and spacious feel of the entire living space.

Bespoke furniture designs by harry clark, exclusive midcentury style icons by prestigious designers like Willy Rizzo, Gaetano Sciolari and Romeo Rega are back to back with selected pieces found on flea markets, auctions and charity shops.

Thus a vibrant yet elegant mix of 20th century objects was achieved, reaching from the modernist functionality of the 20s, wafting through the discreet sensual elegance of the 50s to eventually celebrate the exuberant disco style of the 70s.


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