In one of the most beautiful districts of Vienna, the soul of a stately old Viennese apartment has been given a new identity. After insensitive and empathetic building measures in the past, the apartment was brought into the present by a dynamic color and design concept as well as extensive renovation measures. With the mixture of old and modern style elements and materials, a contemporary interpretation of the splendid architecture typical for Vienna of past, glorious eras was created.

A total of 27 colors and their nuances are used for this purpose. They create a communicative spatial structure that radiates movement and lightness. There is no pure white in any room, and yet, or perhaps because of this, the apartment appears bright and invigorating. The old double-leaf doors were refurbished and given custom handles and hardware based on antique models.

In keeping with the brief, the overall concept, including the built-in furniture, was designed to integrate any type of furnishings eclectically - from antique to modern - and to maintain a timeless elegance for the overall impression across the ages.


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