There is no arguing about taste – Oh THAT!

That's not my taste! Oh, no, that's not for me! These are just two of the statements we have to deal with in our daily work in terms of aesthetics.

But what do such absolute evaluations reveal? They serve the defense and serve in particular the German fear of change. Well thought-out concepts that analyze and capture all aspects and multiple dimensions of a project cause defensiveness and stress. Indes: Style - as well as concepts in general - only start where taste stops. This is where the work of experienced interior designers who are passionate about their profession begins - with their antennas that detect unnoticed, unappreciated and unspoken certainties and thus positively change the clients' self-perception. Is it possible to argue about taste after all?

Read and listen to Matthias Franck's discourse in the reflections of Contor Franck:

You CAN argue about taste after all!

A critical provocation regarding aesthetics in interior design...and beyond...



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