Loft Kreuzberg

Nowadays Kreuzberg is one of the most trendy and desired neighbourhoods in Berlin. In a rear building of a 19th century mansion block, harryclarkinterior merged several smaller apartments to a large  spacious loft. This created 185 sqm of generous open plan living space.

A variety of high quality materials were deployed purposefully throughout the flat. Smoked acacia industrial blockwood parquet edge onto polished concrete flooring used in the kitchen and the 3 bathrooms. The master bathroom is a cube made of frosted glass panels set within the bedroom. The discreet application of colour and the minimalist furniture in the living room, study and kitchen emphasize the feeling of space throughout the entire loft.

The second courtyard adjacent to the appartement was transformed into private garden. Richly planted and generously laid out with Berlin’s historical pavement stones it became a serene but urban paradise.


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