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They are often and repeatedly the same questions and statements:

- interior design? What is that then...?
- Interior design is only for affluent people...!
- We didn't even dare to call because it all looks so expensive, like high-end...and therefore it is surely far beyond our financial possibilities...and with our small budget we surely can't afford the consultation...!
- It is not so important to us...we can do it on our own...what's the point...and then it only costs a lot of money...!
- And finally: My husband does the car and I take care of the house and the garden...That's how it has always been, that's all it needs...!

But is all this really so?

Clearly: No! It is a widespread and persistent misconception that the service "interior design" takes a lot of time and can only be realized with a great deal of money.
But good interior design works for every budget. Because: Whether large or small project, it is always more or less the same design principles around which everything revolves and which produce a concept.
You can find concrete points on this under the link:

Interior design arranges, structures and beautifies. It enriches the aesthetic feeling in your own four walls or in the garden or work area. And what has long been true for clothing and style has also arrived in interior design: With the necessary knowledge and skills, even this culture is affordable.

At the beginning, customers often have a diffuse, not specifically identifiable feeling that something doesn't fit, that something is boring, that something needs to be renewed, or that something is not right overall.

Above all: Everything starts with a color concept. Colors arrange a composition in space and time. Colors give rooms depth, structure and perspective. The same applies to shapes and proportions. There can be certain preferences and ideas which are then translated into the respective situation and fit into the overall concept for a new aesthetic image.

Often "only" small aids and impulses are needed to achieve noticeably positive effects. Often "only" a certain starting point has to be designed in such a way that customers can stand securely on this foundation and from there continue on their own. And often different options can be developed for an overall concept, which are gradually implemented over a longer period of time.

What knowledge and skills, which abilities and competencies of a good interior designer do customers benefit from?

- An interior designer helps to achieve the best results by analyzing the parameters involved and proposing both functional and creative solutions, or by developing these together with his clients.
- For all solutions, the interior designer contributes his extensive experience, his complete knowledge and skills and his specific abilities and competences.
- A qualified interior designer expands the horizons of his customers for ideas and possibilities that they have not thought of before. He is a source of inspiration for his customers - and in turn, he is open to his customers' suggestions.

What does an interior designer do?

- Interior designers are driven by the desire to take their surroundings and those of their clients to a new aesthetic dimension - so that the overall quality of life improves.
- Good interior design concepts appear effortless, promote well-being and, above all, do not impose anything on anyone.
- Interior designers have a high level of emotional intelligence and empathy to perceive the needs and wishes of their customers and translate these into spaces.
- Good interior design is not obvious and gives people the space in which they can experience and feel comfortable.
- Interior designers have a professional network of a wide variety of specialists to achieve the best and most appropriate results for each project.

Good style does not have to be expensive. Not even if it comes from professionals - because we work creatively, without prefabricated concepts:

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